Easy Peasy Cradling Towel

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As all parents know, getting your baby dry, warm, and fully bundled is like mission impossible. In our towel 3 innovative details come together to make bath time Easy Peasy and oh so fun!

Patent Pending One-Hand Release Buckle

This unique buckle keeps the towel firmly in place around your neck until it's time to snap it off with just one hand; and an extra layer of cotton fabric covers the retractable buckle straps to make it comfortable for you and the baby.

Hood on the Side

 The side hood allows you to cradle the baby in one hand while snapping off the apron buckle and bundling the baby with the other. The hood also accommodates the growth of the baby because the full diagonal length of the towel (45 inches) can be used without being curtailed by the neck straps.

Absorbent 100% Pure Cotton

Made of soft and absorbent 100% cotton terry velour, we added an extra inner lining inside the hood to cover the embroidery so it does not irritate the baby's sensitive skin.