I was so excited when I found out about the otteroo that I got one for myself and my cousin who was due soon. I tried the otteroo on my baby daughter when she was 5 months old. She was not too young. It gave her an opportunity to move her legs around, and test the water with her fingers, a completely different experience for her, and a precursor to swimming. Now, she always looks excited when I pull out the otteroo. I have a lot more confidence taking her to the "big pool" now with the otteroo in tow. I'd recommend this product to all parents looking to give their babies some exposure to water outside of the baby bathtub, especially as pool season approaches- its never too soon.

– Christina M.


I absolutely love our otteroo! My daughter is 3 months old and loves swimming in the bath tub with it on. I'm so glad that I saw someone with one and decided to look for more information. Would recommend to anyone with newborns. Awesome!

– Stephanie W.


My daughter has loved the water since the second she was born. I quickly could tell that she would enjoy something quite a bit more watery than the tiny baby bathtubs on the market. We have a soaking tub, and I would fill it up and get in the bath with her. That allowed her to swim around and she really enjoyed that, but it was hard for me to get her deep enough into the water for her to enjoy it, while at the same time keeping her from face planting into the water. And, frankly, my arms were getting tired! Enter Otteroo. I'll admit that I was weirded out at first, but the videos on the Otteroo website convinced me to give it a shot. I'm so glad I did. My daughter is six months old and she loves it. She kicks around in circles and propels herself in the water. I can't wait to try it out in the pool when it gets warmer. I will note that the instructions say to fill the tub so that baby's feet can't touch the bottom. Even in my soaking tub, that's far from possible, so I don't see that happening except with the tiniest of newborns, and I don't know that I would feel comfortable putting such a floppy-necked baby in this.

– Michele C.


I started bathing in my son in our large soaking tub and after several times, obviously having to hold him every second and helping him "swim" around I thought, there's gotta be a product that will help him feel the water better than what I am doing, I also wanted a way for him to just float. Originally I envisioned some kind of submerged floating device that I could lay my son in, while sitting in the tub with him. I didnt find anything like that, but I did find this. Some people have strange reactions to seeing how it looks, however I have to tell you, it works! It gives me peace of mind that my son is safe, i.e. his head will not get submerged in water, and he gets the freedom to move his body and to learn new skills. My son is just 3.5 months old, the first time we put it on he loved it. The second time we put it on and I let him go, his face had this calm come over him, he just relaxed and enjoyed himself, then he started "swimming" by kicking his arms and legs and enjoying the freedom of getting around the tub by himself with "no support" from anybody's hands. I definitely plan on using it every time we bathe. Also, the seam around the neckline is smooth, its basically sealed on the inside and then turned inside out, so the sharp part remains inside the sealed tube. Also, make sure to inflate it from both inputs, when they say inflate both tubes they mean blow into one side, close it and then flip it and you will see another place to inflate and blow into that side. Then you are set. The manufacturer also sends you a nice instructional email once they ship your product. Thank you for giving my son the chance to enjoy water as much as I do!

– Upuha


We were looking for a product to help our then 4 month old son get used to a lot of water. We heard it's best to get babies acquainted with water early so they don't develop a fear. It had to be safe, easy to use, and convenient. Otteroo was all of these things. The 2 layers of air design kept my son floating safely and comfortably. With his head supported and chin resting easily on the inner ring, I could let him float around on his own. He had full mobility and no danger of swallowing water unlike some of the other floaties we've tried. And when we went to Hawaii when he was 6 months of age, he could still use Otteroo and "swim" with the big kids in the pool. He had absolutely no fear! AND he didn't drink any of the chlorine. Plus because it is a simple inflatable ring, it was easy to pack for the trip. And here's a tip: I use it even on land for my little guy to sit on as a donut chair. He loves it! Super cute!

– Edward C.


My son (now 11 months) and I are big fans of the otteroo baby floatie. We were lucky to try the product during its development and I can truly say that it has helped to foster my son's undeniable love of the water. For us, the floatie enabled my little guy to move around in the water way before he could move around in the same way out-of-water. He smiled, giggled, and grew confident playing in the bathtub with the floatie. The concept of placing a float around your fragile baby's neck may seem a bit daunting, but it's such a clever (and safe) way to enable your baby to move and explore, while giving them the stability they need to feel secure in water. It's safe, comfortable, and builds a positive association with water and relaxation. If you can, introduce this early and watch your baby learn to enjoy the water!

– Jessica L.


My 4.5 month old daughter loves to swim around the bath tub with her otteroo! The clips in the back are nice so we don't have to slip it over her head. She splashes and kicks around the tub and loves being able to move around on her own (supervised).

-John Y. 


I was a little skeptical of how this would work. My son loves this crazy thing. I don't know if it reminds him of the womb, or if it's because he just likes thinking he can stand, but he has a great time playing around with this in the bathtub. The added excersize can add some time on his overnight sleep pattern which makes it worth a 6th star alone.



We've had the Otteroo since our son was three months old - he has loved it everytime we put it on. The Otteroo provides for a sense of freedom for our little guy in the bathtub. Fortunately we have a very large deep bathtub, so it is almost like going to the pool. We like that the Otteroo does not have sharp edges and it is easy to put on and take off of our little guy. Bath time is always fun when we bring out the Otteroo. We are looking forward to trips to the pool and the lake with the Otteroo.

-Beth G.


I tried this product when my baby was 8 weeks and since then we have been using it every day before going to bed. She swims for about 20 mins and she loves it. She is really happy swimmimg around a bathroom. At the beginning she was just lying and looking around, but since third time she uses her legs and arms to move around. It makes her tired and she sleeps well after that!:):):)



Just got this for my 6 week old - he's a big guy so fits him just fine. It was recommended by our pediatrician. he really seems to enjoy it, kicking his legs the whole time. Even more fun for parents to watch. try it!

-Julie B.


My baby is a "water baby" and the normal baby bath frustrates him because they limit mobility. This allows him to splash around easily as well as switch from belly up to belly down while still keeping H's head out of the water. We've used it in the bath as well as the pool with great results!



We used the Otteroo a number of times in the bathtub and at a friends pool and our infant was totally calm and happy. The Otteroo allows them to freely move around and you could tell they enjoy it (at least we could with our little girl). Outside of a jumperoo they don't get to move much the first 6-8 months, so this must feel very liberating. They also learn that moving their arms and legs propels them around, so it's setting a foundation for swimming. Plus, it's cute as heck to watch 'em kicking around in it. For the adult it's nice because you don't have to hold them the whole time. Babies aren't that heavy, but after 15-20 minutes your arms will be tired. With the Otteroo you can just enjoy the water with your baby. We were a little skeptical cause we'd never seen a floatie like this where it wraps around the babies neck, but once they're in it you can see they're totally comfortable. Our little girl was never scared or upset while in the Otteroo.

My only regret is we don't have a pool, so we couldn't use it more.

-Grantland G.


Otteroo is a super fun bath time essential for us, not only for the baby but for parents, too. Our baby had such a good time exploring the tub and floating around the water with the Otteroo while we bathed him. Bath time is now an amusing moment for us since our baby can showcase his new floating/swim skills. We highly recommend the Otteroo for all new moms & dads!

-Kenneth L.


We received the Otteroo a few weeks ago and have been using it with my 7-week old son (he is big enough to use it already). From a tearful bath in a tiny infant tub where only baby's butt was in the water, we moved to baths in the big tub being the happiest time in our day. With Otteroo, baby has the freedom to move around on his own in water in a totally safe way. Think about it: nowhere else do babies have freedom of movement at this age: they cannot hold their heads up well, cannot turn themselves around, cannot walk or crawl, etc. But they do with the Otteroo!

Otteroo is great for infant physical development and coordination as well as for teaching baby to enjoy the water so that he/she will not be afraid of the swimming pool later. Baby is delighted, giggling and laughing during the entire bath time. Those smiles, laughs and coos are absolutely priceless for parents! The design of the floatie is great: it is easy to put on or off, safe with two clips at the back of the head, comfortable thanks to the chin rest, adaptable to different head sizes and fun with the three beads. Hurray for the Otteroo!

-Carine S.