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tiffany chiu
Tiffany is the founder of otteroo. Her vision for otteroo stemmed from her practical problem-solving attitude. She loves to tackle problems but not only that, she loves to dive in and commit herself entirely to building on preliminary concepts and transforming them into daily essentials that are completely out of the box, 120% necessary, consistently reliable and gives the owner full bragging rights. The combination of her engineering background from Cornell University and her business acumen honed from completing her MBA at MIT, Tiffany worked tirelessly until she was able to develop an otteroo design that has her “otter” of approval.

emi kamiya
Emi is our branding & communications expert and also a mother of an almost four year old girl. She has 10+ years of experience working with mass consumer, luxury and start up brands and projects in the lifestyle, fashion, media, and events categories. Her passion is writing, strategizing, partnering with various entities, and helping to build a business that she believes in. Emi still resides in New York City where she used to share a flat with Tiffany, way back when...

eleanor lee
Eleanor is our operations director and Tiffany's go-to person for the multitude of projects involved in starting a new business. Until recently, Eleanor dedicated her professional life to civil service, undertaking tasks that she is not allowed to talk about (or else…). Upon her relocation to the San Francisco Bay area, she has adopted the startup spirit, bringing her training in law, writing and research to fledgling companies. Eleanor and Tiffany are exercise buddies so Eleanor knew about otteroo before she got involved professionally. Now she is very excited about this new company and can’t wait until she has an otteroo baby of her own!

advisory board
dave lu
Dave is a seasoned product marketing veteran and our source for all things digital. He has over 15 years of experience in the consumer space at big brands like Yahoo!, Sony, Apple and eBay as well as startups like Pure Digital (acquired by Cisco) where he rolled out a new product category at Rite-Aid and Target. In 2006 he founded his own startup called Fanpop which became one of the biggest entertainment websites in the world with over 35M monthly visitors. 

joseph kim
Joe, or Dr. Kim, is our go-to pediatrician -- he is intent on promoting the health of children and their new mothers through education, scholarship, and his tireless work at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University. As a clinical assistant professor at the Stanford School of Medicine and Medical Director of both the General Pediatrics Hospitalist Program and the Medical / Surgical Acute Care Units at Packard Children’s, Dr. Kim is a firm believer that lifelong health starts early in the infant's primary weeks. His activities extend to childcare and health across the Bay Area in California as well as in developing nations where children are most vulnerable.