The Easy Peasy Cradling Towel


Introducing the Easy Peasy Cradling Towel

Otteroo, the San Franciso-based infant water familiarity and mobility-focused start up and also the maker of the much-buzzed about infant neck floatie, announces the launch of their Easy Peasy Cradling Towel on the fundraising platform Indiegogo.

Founded by a PANK* (Professional Aunt No Kids) who wanted to make infant water play fun, developmentally beneficial and easier for both the baby and mommy, the new towel resolves the key issues that parents face when trying to dry and bundle the baby quickly after each bath.

“We wanted to provide a hassle-free baby bath towel solution for moms and dads that was equally adorable, warm and gentle on the skin,” says founder Tiffany Chiu. “We spoke with dozens of moms to identify the biggest annoyances and difficulties when trying to bundle up their babies. Once we had the list, we addressed them one by one by rethinking the design details and then putting it to the test multiple times until we were fully satisfied.”

The Easy Peasy Cradling Towel features three differentiating design innovations that make bundling a wet, squirming baby easy, quick and dry:

  • Patent-pending one-hand release buckle
  • Side placement of the hood
  • All over 100% pure cotton

Starting February 24, 2016, Otteroo is reaching out to their thousands of fans, close family and friends, and all interested parents to pre-purchase the towel that will help them to produce the initial batch and launch it into the marketplace.

“We are ready to push the ‘go’ button on our second bath essential to join the Otteroo family,” says Chiu. “We are really hopeful that our enthusiastic fans and amazing supporters throughout the past year will see the high quality of material and the unique design and will help us reach our $12,000 campaign goal quickly.”

Depending on how rapidly this goal is reached, the towels will be ready for shipment by earliest May 15th and latest May 30th.

Referral incentives and “perks” for the pre-purchase of the Otteroo product will be featured on the Indiegogo page. As the brand has grown quickly via organic word-ofmouth especially on their social media accounts, Otteroo will be making the campaign prominent on @otteroobaby Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the #otteroo hashtag.


Pre-Launch Campaign Page
Preview Video (private viewing until launch) 
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