frequently asked questions | Otteroo Baby Floaties


When should I start my infant on otteroo?

As long as your baby weighs 9 pounds or more they can start using the otteroo at just 8 weeks. Your baby is just starting to discover their hands and feet around this period. This moment of discovery is a perfect time to introduce the otteroo because it allows babies to move their arms and legs more freely and with less effort than when on the ground. However, every baby grows at their own pace so we always recommend that new parents get approval from their pediatrician before using the otteroo.

What are the developmental benefits?

otteroo has physical, mental and emotional developmental benefits for babies. Floating allows more movement of the legs, arms and feet, and allows infants who do not have much mobility on land to get gentle and fun exercise. The otteroo will also allow your baby to independently test out their new mobility skills and work on them with every bath. The coordination between the mind and their physical effects will stimulate the mind, which will also promote their mental development. Finally, babies can gain independence and confidence to have fun and explore as they get better at splashing, kicking and bouncing like a baby kangaroo!

What are common first time reactions of babies?

Most of our parents tell us that their babies’ initial reaction to floating is one of confused awe. It can take babies between a few moments and one or two tries to adjust to the floating sensation, but almost all babies end up loving the daily bath. So don’t get too discouraged if your first experience is not picture perfect.

Why does my baby start to fuss when I put on the otteroo?

Especially after the six month mark, the baby’s ability to recognize familiar activities or objects and dismiss new and unfamiliar things really starts to kick in. Parents should always be patient with their baby’s reactions. Try holding your baby as you put them in the water and a little while afterwards until they feels comfortable. Then, kindly let her go so she can float on her own. Don’t be discouraged if it takes your baby 3 or 4 tries to get used to their otteroo.

The earlier the baby starts using the otteroo, the easier it will be for them to adjust and start having fun!

Will otteroo make my baby like the water more?

Most babies feel more comfortable in the water once they start to associate water with fun. However, there may be other reasons your baby does not like to be bathed. For example, sensitivity to higher or lower water temperatures and the way they are being held while bathing. We always recommend a pediatrician consultation to answer any ongoing concerns parents may have for specific activities throughout the day.

Can my baby use their otteroo everyday?

Of course! Your baby will let you know when they are no longer having a good time. You can use it daily, or as often as you bathe your child.

Can I reuse my otteroo for another child?

otteroo is made with the highest quality materials, but, as with all inflatable devices, there will be some normal wearing down of the product. Even if the otteroo looks perfectly fine, we highly recommend replacing a well-worn one with a new version. Infants are more sensitive to discomfort and new experiences then adults and we would want the future swimming champion to have the best possible introduction to water.

My local pool has told me that they won't allow my child to use an otteroo. How should I respond?

Like otteroo, lifeguards are committed to protecting children's safety; however, this sometimes means that they reject new or unfamiliar products regardless of how safe and beneficial it may be when used properly. We recommend speaking directly to the pool manager and showing them the otteroo website and our ABC7 interview.  Mention that otteroo is pediatrician approved, and that it is linked to numerous developmental and cognitive benefits. Finally, emphasize that otteroo never used without strict parental supervision and that an adult will always be on hand.

Is the otteroo approved by the Coast Guard?

The otteroo floatie does not fall within the category of flotation devices examined by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The USCG only offers approval for flotation devices that are required on vessels such as recreational boats or for boating-related activities (for example, fishing, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking).




What is the age or size limit for otteroo?

Your baby can use otteroo comfortably until they weigh 35 pounds, which is the average weight of a 3 year old. All babies vary in their pace of growth so use your best judgment in terms of when your baby has reached their comfort limit with otteroo.

How do I know whether I put it on properly?

Make sure that you inflate both the top and bottom air inlets. The floatie should feel firm once inflated but the two circular openings near the buckles will remain flexible so that the floatie can spread outwards for easier placement on the baby’s neck. If properly inflated, your finger should NOT easily slip in between the baby's neck and inner rim of the floatie.

When placed properly, the baby’s chin should be cradled on the cushioned chin rest. The otteroo should feel snug and comfortable around the baby’s neck. If your baby starts to cry or fuss, it could be a sign that the floatie is not positioned properly or the baby isn’t in the mood for something new today. When in doubt always take the otteroo off and try again later.

Is there a preferred time of day for using otteroo?

otteroo can be used at any time of day! Many parents have told us that they incorporate otteroo in their regular bath time routine, which tends to be in the late afternoon and early evening. Why? otteroo encourages exercise and promises quite a lot of fun -- which makes the baby eat and sleep better!

How long can my baby stay in the otteroo?

Every baby is unique and every day is a different experience. Babies usually want to stay in the otteroo for an average of 15 minutes, but there is no time limit. Please use your best judgment and consult your pediatrician if unsure. You should always stay in arm’s reach of your baby while they are in the otteroo. No exceptions.

What is the ideal water temperature and water depth?

We recommend a slightly lower temperature than your baby’s regular bath, especially when they really start kicking, splashing and moving around. The movements will raise their body temperature quickly so cooler water will help them to not get too flushed.

The optimal water level depends on your baby's height. We recommend that when you first introduce them to the otteroo, fill the bathtub with enough water so that if they stood upright their head would be above the water and feet would just be touching the bottom of the tub. Being able to touch the bottom provides your baby a sense of security while trying out this new object. It also gives them the depth needed to walk around the tub as if she's walking on land. You will both be amazed by your baby’s newly gained mobility!

If we start our infant with otteroo at 8+ weeks, will she be able to swim by the time she grows out of it?

Your baby will be more comfortable with the concept of water and water fun after using otteroo. Therefore, it usually allows the child to be more receptive to swimming and lessons. However, please note that the otteroo is by no means a swim aid or a learning device, and also NOT a personal flotation or saving device.

For some reason my baby's head falls through the otteroo. They are already over 8 weeks old and weighs more than 9 pounds. Do I have a defective otteroo?

otteroo's dual air chambered design requires that you thoroughly inflate both the air inlet on the bottom and the one on the top. Please make sure this has been done. If properly inflated, your finger should NOT easily slip in between the baby's neck and inner rim of the floatie.

The otteroo should feel snug and comfortable around the baby’s neck. Also, please ensure that you gently place your baby's chin on the chin rest, which is located across the buckles.

If you have inflated both air inlets and the otteroo still cannot maintain its structural integrity, please contact us immediately and we will replace it for you at no charge.

Do we really have to start using the otteroo in the bathtub before transitioning into a pool?

We recommend that you always start using the otteroo in a bathtub because it is a familiar environment for your baby. Make sure your baby is completely familiarized with using the otteroo before making the transition to the pool. The baby should also be strong enough to kick off from the bottom in the tub first. You can always put cooler water in the bath if it is summer time!




How do orders ship?

For domestic orders, we ship using either USPS First Class or Priority Mail, which takes an estimated 2-3 days depending on your location. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information once your order is on its way!

How long do orders take to ship?

Unless there is a problem with your order, orders placed before 12 EST are shipped the same day, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

Do you ship to (Alaska/ Hawaii/ The US Territories/ Internationally)

Yes, we ship all over the United States and abroad. We ship using USPS First Class International.

Will I have to pay custom fees if I order an otteroo and I don't live in the United States?

This varies country by country. To confirm, please contact your local customs office for more information. You may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the recipient country. Otteroo has no control over these charges or what amount they may be. As the customer, you are responsible for complying with the custom laws of your country. Note that if clearance procedures are necessary, this may cause a delay in your delivery.

Can I track my order?

You will receive an email notification with your tracking number once your order has shipped.