Otteroo sets itself apart from other pool toys


A new cushioned chin rest and rounded smooth edges avoid all discomfort for your baby. Dedicated circular openings allow water to drain quickly so you won't have to worry about water splashing onto your baby's face. The interior flexible rim will comfortably expand as your loved one grows and she will be able to enjoy her otteroo for a long time (up to 35 pounds)!



Quick and simple placement of the otteroo is critical for you and your loved one, whether you are new or seasoned. For the first time, our floatie stretches out horizontally rather than vertically and our new click-in strap design makes it a snap to go from putting it on to splashy giggle fun.



otteroo uses the highest grade of toxin-free plastic so that your loved one will not get exposed to the harsh smell of cheap plastic. Our materials comply with the safety standards set by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission. Warnings and instructions are all printed on the floatie itself but not on any exposed surfaces, making it 100% safe for lick-happy babies.