Otteroo caters to babies' special needs for water play

Enhanced Motor Skills

Builds neck, upper body, arm and leg muscles with less stress on baby’s joints.

Maintain Swimming Reflexes

Babies are born with innate swimming reflexes that disappear around 4-6 months. otteroo helps babies make a seamless transition from involuntary movements to voluntary kicking.

Promotes Earlier Walking

Infants possess stepping reflexes that disappear by the 3rd month; this returns when the baby is buoyant in water. otteroo promotes extended stepping exercises, which lead to earlier walking.


other developmental benefits


Benefits starting Month 4: Satisfies Mental Curiosity

At around 4 months, babies start to get very curious and love to explore. otteroo gives babies the freedom of movement in the weightless water environment and they love to discover how their arms, legs and body can move to impact the immediate surroundings and their direction.

Benefits before Month 6: Encourages Water Familiarity

otteroo offers babies a seamless and positive transition from mommy's tummy to the bath, often mitigating the fear of water. Babies become more confident in the water, and intuitively start to practice arm and leg water movement in the tub.

Benefits throughout 1st Year: Physical Development & Coordination

During the first 6 - 8 months, babies have a hard time moving on land. The buoyancy and physical freedom that otteroo provides promote movement coordination, muscle strength and mobiilty.