Story of Otteroo

Tiffany, the founder of otteroo is what the New York Times labeled a P.A.N.K. (Professional Aunt, No Kids). Over the years, the collective experience of dozens of close friends and numerous family members having babies, back to back, transformed Tiffany into a savvy expert on everything fun but practical for pregnant moms, their new babies and siblings, and often, her fellow single girlfriends that hadn’t a clue on what to bring to a baby shower.

One day, she received a video of her 3-month-old nephew using a baby floatie in a bathtub -- giggling, splashing and kicking his legs.  She proudly shared the video with everyone, especially as Tiffany herself could barely float or swim throughout her teenage and adult life.

Remembering the humiliation she felt during her freshman year at Cornell University where she was forced to swim to graduate, Tiffany vowed that her “nieces & nephews” will love the water, not fear it.

Tiffany started stocking up on the floatie to give to new mommy friends -- the demand was high and feedback was fantastic, but more careful moms found some major design flaws over key design elements. Tiffany's entrepreneurial spirit kicked in.

After two years of research, hard work and conversations with countless moms and pediatricians, otteroo was thoroughly redesigned with new openings and buckling systems, the highest grade materials fit for infants 8+ weeks old, an adorable new look, additional safety features and approval from pediatricians in the U.S.A.

We hope that your infant, or your friend’s newborn, will enjoy this new exciting bath time toy and share your fun videos with us.  After all, a baby’s giggle is the happiest sound in the world.

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